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Five ideas that promote diversity in tech in a purple America

Maps of the 2016 US presidential election results, by Mark Newman at the University of Michigan. Shown from left to right: 1) a typical US map colored according to the electoral college at the state level, 2) a map showing shades of red and blue at the county level, and finally 3) a cartogram incorporating color shading and states drawn proportional to the number of their inhabitants. It’s hard to find ways that different perspectives are not helpful and important.


If I were the artist of this map, I would title this “Melting pot realness”

Change in tone

Shown above, this simple browser icon allows you to check the news bias of a publication, according to Media Bias/Fact Check — by Jeffrey Carl Faden.

Truly an inspiring sense of fight instead of flight.

Shown here: marching on Market Street in San Francisco on 11/9/16 to show that love trumps hate. My previous march down Market was for the Orlando shootings back in June 2016.

The bad news and some good (ish) news

I encourage you and me and everyone to focus on fostering diversity and inclusion in the workplace.

Shown here: Panelists at General Assembly’s diversity in tech event on 11/14/16 fielding questions from the audience.

Next steps to take back to work

1) Write job descriptions that are more inclusive

2) Add time for interview candidates to talk to others on the team

3) Offer an executive sponsorship program

4) Foster a safe space at work for both minorities and majority groups

5) Donate your time and skills

The panel moderator, Josh Silverman, closed the event with ten fundamentals about fostering diversity, which was also relevant to the topic of diversity in tech.

Closing thoughts

In the spirit of sanctuary cities, I urge folks to treat their jobs like a sanctuary workplace, fostering a safe and kind workplace environment where people of all backgrounds can belong, learn, and thrive together.

And finally, thanks for doin’ you

Product designer focused on UX/UI and user research (he/him)

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