My New Quest To Meet All The Designers

If you can even believe it, “@allthedesigners” was not claimed on Twitter.

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Well not anymore, folks.

Announcing @AllTheDesigners!

I am on a mission to meet inspiring designers and become a stronger member of the UX community.

Humans of New York is a blog that deeply inspires me. Brandon — the photo-genius behind HONY — got laid off, moved to New York, and decided he was going to photograph 10,000 New Yorkers. Brandon’s sense of community is beautiful and brings a perspective that I want to provide for UX designers everywhere.

Just weeks in and the design-centered conversations have been off the charts, inspiring, and helpful…

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“Your work should be a platform for self development” — @RyanFoxSquire

@RyanFoxSquire at Lumos Labs shared his thoughts on self development and ways to incorporate growth and learning into one’s career.

@KatVellos at Viv Labs reminded me to go to non-UX meetups, since there is typically a lack of designers present.

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“It all starts with finding your passion” — @Strobeflier

@Strobeflier at inMarkit talked with me about finding one’s passion and not wasting time on projects that are not aligned with your values.

@LissaDoty talked with me about glass-blowing, design-thinking, and collaboration in her career.

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Radman’s Market is leading the cause to fight the food desert in San Francisco’s Tenderloin. Read more here.

@MegFDavis at Extractable and I collaborated on an IDEO human-centered design course, focused on healthy food access issues in rough neighborhoods such as San Francisco’s Tenderloin.

@BenSykes spoke with a group of us, and his message was clear — “Challenge yourself to design everyday. Sketch all the time.”

@MaureenHanratty leads an awesome UX Book Club. Be sure to check it out.

Stay tuned for more interviews!

I can’t build the #AllTheDesigners community alone. Do you love design and/or coffee? Or know someone that does? Let’s connect! cehopkins [at] gmail [dot] com or @allthedesigners on Twitter.

A huge thanks to my friends for helping me launch this new passion project. Thanks for being a part of my UX journey!

#thankyoUX #ittakesavillage #allthedesigners

Product designer focused on UX/UI and user research (he/him)

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