Creative Agency Advice from Eric Elofson

“Go into a job interview assuming you've got it. That way, you can actually vet the company for yourself.”

Digital media artist, filmmaker, and all around awesome rock climber and friend Eric Elofson weighs in on his best job searing advice for creatives.

Eric believes too many creative people rush into the first opportunity that comes along, instead of properly accessing whether or not a job opening is a good fit. “It’s all about being patient to find the right place to call home.”

Instead of evaluating whether you will be happy or successful at a new job, people wrongly get hung up on issues of acceptance. Will the company like me enough to hire me? This false sense of urgency and desperation does not work well, so try to avoid this where possible.

Eric continues, “In an ideal world, you can afford to wait out for the right job. But in less ideal situations, you can still make this work. Find an internship or volunteer gig to break in the industry, while waiting tables or bar-tending on the side to make ends meet.”

Why trust Eric’s advice?

Because he’s the type of person who takes his own advice. In a past job search, Eric was able to turn down several opportunities that, after careful consideration, would have been disasters. Now he is busy and happily producing two or three videos per day at Revolution Messaging for political and non profit clients, based in Washington DC.

Now look at him go! Below, see some of Eric’s most recent work for Revolution Messaging, for Senator Bernie Sanders’ 2016 Presidential campaign.

Eric is excited to work with Senator Bernie Sanders on his 2016 Presidential campaign for Revolution Messaging. Eric had the opportunity to work with him while filming this video, to help “start the revolution.”

Revolution Messaging is a Washington DC-based agency producing cutting-edge progressive strategies for non-profits and political campaigns. Services include: Mobile, Digital Advertising, Video, Social Media and Lifestyle Marketing.

What makes Eric’s perspective unique?

Besides traveling the world to rock climb, he’s also studied abroad at New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts Asia program in Singapore. During his time there, he refined his skills as a photographer, cinematographer, and film editor while working in Cambodia, Thailand, Burma, India, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Hong Kong.

View more of Eric’s creative work

You can view Eric’s stunning film, photography, and digital media artwork on his online portfolio here.

But if you only have time to check out one more thing, be sure it’s Eric’s latest short film trailer, “Godverdomme Coffee.” So far it has screened at the Boston International Film Festival, the DC Shorts Film Festival, the Singapore Short Film Awards, the Reel Shorts Film Festival in Alberta, Canada, and the Long Beach International Film Festival. Wish Eric luck on continued success.

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